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The 2017 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival held in April brings good times and great music to a legion of dedicated fans every year. Most attendees will agree, nothing can harsh your enjoyment of an awesome Coachella weekend like handcuffs and a ride to jail.  During the 2016 festival however, that is exactly what happened to 270 people over the course of the two-weekend festival. In 2015, there were 226 arrests. In 2014, 170 people were arrested.  The numbers speak for themselves. More people are getting arrested at Coachella every year. That is a whole lot of people who may have missed seeing their favorite bands play after shelling out the big bucks, but did get to experience getting arrested and booked by a local sheriff's deputy.

This site was created to help Coachella devotees navigate the numerous legal pitfalls that present themselves at a popular festival like this one. California has very specific criminal statutes that differ from other states and many that have changed in recent years. Often what you think can get you arrested actually cannot, and vice versa. The goal of is to help you have a safe, fun and handcuff-free visit to the Coachella Valley, with the memory of great tunes - not a rap sheet - being your only souvenir. If you do tangle with the police during your time at or around Coachella however - these tips may help. An experienced, knowledgeable and accessible defense attorney can also be really great... just saying.